7 Straightforward Ways to Drive Free Traffic to Your Sites

by admin | 23rd September 2009

Let’s not beat around the bush. We are all looking for a free and relatively easy way to attract traffic to your website? Ideally, this web traffic should be at no cost.

1) Offering your readers something useful and valuable is always a good choice. Most perspective customers love getting freebies or small gifts; whether they are a free report, a video mini-series, a free software, or anything along those lines. Offering a free report is a popular means to drive traffic to your website and increase subscribers or to build your list.

If you are better at running your site than writing, you may consider outsourcing the writing of your free report. Most reliable freelance writers can assemble a quality report for you in a few days, depending on the length. Once you have the free report to offer, there are a couple ways you can distribute it in exchange for that increased website traffic.

One of the most popular ways to use free reports is to offer it to your readers in exchange for signing up or subscribing to your newsletter. You may use the service Elance.com to outsource the writing.

2) A growing trend in the niche marketing arena is the use of blogs to build traffic. If you are searching for an easy way to ramp up the traffic to your site, consider opening up a free WordPress account and starting a blog. If you are using a respectable hosting service you can automate the installation and set up of your blog on your own domain through FANTASTICO, it is extremely easy to set up, and in as little as 15 minutes-1 hour a week you can be driving free traffic to your website.

3) A great way to get your site noticed by people who are looking for information related to your site is by listing your URL in a niche directory. A niche is a specific area of interest or demand. Niches can include books, movies, cleaning supplies, food, various services, etc.

Your site’s may be very specific or extremely broad, nevertheless you are sure to find a niche directory for your specialty. To avoid finding competitors sites and a lot of other junk during your search, try a search using your product and *listing directory*.

4) Article marketing is a huge trend in internet marketing. Research has shown that the majority of consumers searching for products or services online are first looking for information. What if you were to provide that information so your prospects can go from reading to purchasing in one convenient seamless step?

One way to get this information to consumers is through the use of free article directories. Submitting articles related to your product or service is simple and quite effective. If you’re selling hardwood flooring, for example, you could submit a short article about different types of hardwood. At the end of the article, insert a link to your site with an invitation to the reader to visit for more information. Offering a free gift of some value would be an additional incentive.

5) Drive free traffic to your website from Twitter by building a list of followers and by following others. You can use your web link in your profile so others can check it out. You can also post any new articles and updates to your website on Twitter in 140 characters or less. Twitter has taken the world by storm so capitalize on the free traffic. You can join groups on Twitter and send even more traffic to your website. There is no limit to what Twitter can do for you.

Using Twitter as a marketing tool can only help increase your traffic. You can use the many free resources that Twitter offers in addition to the many other applications out there to meet the demand in traffic that you are looking for. You do of course, have to participate and visit others and communicate for people to recognize you as someone interesting.

Having over three million users and growing daily, Twitter is a sure fire way to get free traffic to your website with even less than an hour of your time a day. All you have to do is sign up and start getting followers.

6) So far, all the methods mentioned above involve some serious commitment and time until you see the results of your efforts. But are they any techniques to drive instant traffic to your website? Yes, there are! Take the Free-Advertising-Blog-System which is relatively easy to use and will drive instant traffic to your website.

All you need to do is to signup for a free account and you may post your Ads often. If you tell more people about the service, you can post even more ads. As a new member you can post your ads on their site weekly. A beneficial side effect is the fact that your Ads and affiliate links will get indexed in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Another nice feature about Free Advertising Blog System is that they offer you the ability to save your ads to make it easy to post the next time around.

This way a lot of hungry prospects will see your ads and eventually visit your site.

7) Another similar service for wielding instant results is the Instant Buzz Traffic System. Instant Buzz allows you to drive free targeted traffic to your website just by doing what you do anyway; surfing the web. Instant Buzz is a service that gives you advertising credits as you surf the web like you normally would. What you do is download the toolbar for free, it only takes a minute. Then, you set up your ads in the members area. And bam, you ads are being displayed on other members’ tool bars as they surf.

You can also put Instant Buzz ads in emails that you send to your friends. These are called mail space ads. And your ad will get displayed in other members’ emails. The last thing you can do is put a hyperspace ad on your website which will help you refer other members.

When you refer other members, you will also get a percentage of the credits they earn which will go towards your ad credits.

If someone likes your ad and is interested in what it says, then they click on it and end up on whatever site it was that you were promoting. Now that’s targeted traffic! And it was free.

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