Fresh New Ways to Generate Traffic… What Works?

by James Dreesen | 5th March 2010

There are new and old ways to generate traffic which I would like to discuss. Some continue to prove successful while others may simply be a fad of the times. Which ones are fads and which ones still work? I will try to help you figure this out.

Social media has become the latest buzz in the traffic generating world. Facebook and Twitter have become so popular that new ways are being developed to turn their users into your customers. Is it possible? Sure it’s possible. But is it cost effective? Not yet. Currently it takes a lot of time to get followers and Facebook users to respond to your adverting messages.

Traffic generation in the way of Article Marketing is one methods that has stood the test of time. Unique content distribute to the search engines is all you need to get back links to you website or business. These articles and back links stay there forever which is very nice!

Back links are important when trying to boost your website or business into the search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is the practice of ranking for specific keywords in Google and the other varies Search Engines has become extremely competitive. It can produce free traffic to your website if you optimize curtain keywords. To have this done professional is extremely expensive and there are no guarantees.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an expensive way to drive targeted traffic to you website. This performance based advertising is cost effective and can be scaled quickly. However it takes quite a bit of money to figure it out and create a profitable campaign.

Forum advertising is a great way to go connect with you customers and promote your website in the areas where they hang out. In most forums you can put a do-follow link at the end of your posts leading visitors directly to your site.

All in all there are many more ways to drive targeted traffic to your business. Which one is right for you will inevitable take time and money to figure out. More and more ways are being developed every day. Innovation is key to finding the next profitable way to generate traffic.

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